Falling for Bond: From Dr. No to SkyFall

As a true fan of Bond, I could not let the opportunity pass to post about the latest trend – Bond, James Bond. This is the first installment in a series of posts about Bond – yes this Bond Girl has a lot to say on the subject… WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT.

October 5th 1962 was a stellar day in history. The Beatles released their first single “Love Me Do” and a handsome, English agent made his premiere on the big screen in the movie Dr. No.

This year we celebrate 50 years of Bond… 50 years of a great adventures, gadgets, fantasy and cinematography (let’s not forget the eye candy or should I say spy candy)   that have been the foundation of this great movie franchise.  The enduring hero, James Bond, was conceived in the imagination of British author, Ian Flemming. Between 1953 and 1964, Flemming wrote 12 novels and 2 short stories collections featuring this iconic fictional character.

Flemming’s Bond was tall and dark, an upper class Englishman who went to Eton. Yet, he was also a man with weaknesses and vulnerability, but that Bond was not always who we got in the movies. Over the past 50 years and thru 24 movies, we have seen many Bonds:

Sean Connery – 7 movies

George Lazenby – 1 movie

Roger Moore – 7 movies

Timothy Dalton – 2 movies

Pierce Brosnan – 4 movies

Daniel Craig – 3 movies…so far

The first actor to portray Bond was not the first choice for the role. The first choice was Cary Grant who was rejected due to his refusal to sign for more than one film. Rex Harrison, David Niven, and James  Mason were also considered for the part. In the end it was Scottish actor and former body builder, Sean Connery, who landed the role and went on to be what many people consider to be the definitive Bond. Connery hails from the working class and had spent time in the Royal Navy. With a bit of polish he made the perfect 007 even though he was not an Eton lad and seemed far removed from Flemming’s Bond.

Other oo7s came and went – some more debonair than others, but each one bringing their own style to the character and making him relatable for the period in which the movies were released.

I have to admit that for me, Sean Connery was THE Bond…yes I said ‘was’… I liked the others, but I found Connery’s Bond to be a bit more accessible and likeable than the others. I liked his style and the grit he brought to some of the earlier movies – a grit that many say was not seen after From Russia With Love until 2006 with Casino Royale … enter Daniel Craig.

When Craig was cast many were against it. I myself had my doubts. How could they cast a short, blonde guy as Bond? Not to mention that he was not classically handsome like the past Bonds. Craig has more rugged good looks. Whether it is just a sign of the times in which we live, where many are body fascists, or that Craig felt it was important to look like he was actually able to complete the physical feats his character must endure, this 21st century Bond is also the buffest we have ever seen. Who can forget the scene where Craig wades out of the ocean in his blue swim suit? I’m sure that scene went a long way to winning many 007 fans over to Craig’s portrayal…picturing it now…………. but I digress…This Bond, Craig’s Bond, was so far removed from Connery – the one I had favoured above all others.

Oddly enough, despite his appearance, this short,  rugged, sexy, blonde  Bond has more in common with Flemming’s Bond. He is accessible and has a vulnerability that we see in the written 007 tales. Craig’s Bond, not unlike Connery’s Bond, is a working class type in a tux. This is not, however, where the comparison ends between the Connery and Craig movies.

Many feel that Craig brought back a grit and realism to the franchise – something that had not been seen since Connery’s early movies. In many ways I feel that Craig’s movies, in particular this latest release Skyfall,  pays homage to the old Bond – Connery’s era. In Connery’s third movie, Goldfinger, we are introduced to the ultimate Bond car – the Aston Martin DB5. The car was featured in many movies but in later years had been replaced by other vehicles – BMWs and newer Aston Martins. In Skyfall, however, the movie theatre crowd cheers as Craig opens the storage unit to reveal our old friend the DB-5.

It’s back to basics in this film. Even Daniel Craig suits are designed along the same simple classic lines of the Saville Row suits designed for Connery in the 60’s. In Skyfall, the only gadget Q gives our hero is a radio device for tracking…surprisingly similar to the device given to Bond in Goldfinger as Connery is set out to defend Fort Knox. Another similarity between the two movies Goldfinger and Skyfall is the office occupied by M. At the end of Skyfall it is hard to miss that the ‘new digs’ for M are actually strikingly similar, if not the same, to the old office seen in many films including Goldfinger. Even the shaving is old school. When we were introduced to Bond we see Connery shaving with a Gilette Slim Safety Razor as many men did in those days. In later films, Roger Moore’s Bond is seen shaving with shaving cream or gel and cartridge razors. Thru the years Bond has moved along with the times, but true to form I don’t believe we ever see him shave with an electric shaver. Again Craig’s character pays homage to the past by showing loyalty to the bager and blade as he shaves. The safety razor might be gone, but he uses a straight blade instead – still definitely old school!

With all the similarities between the once believed definitive, Connery era Bond and this new modern Bond is it any surprise that many have fallen for Daniel Craig’s character and the resent movie offerings to the Bond franchise? I myself must admit that I am a convert. I feel that Craig’s Bond with his depth and vulnerability, showing the hardship of dealing with aging and the lifestyle of an agent, is so appealing. Let’s face it, like all bonds he was given license to kill …and seduce… but it seems as though with the last three movies Craig was given something the other Bond’s weren’t  – The license to act.

In my opinion Craig is now the Bond to beat – or rather watch. The approach taken with Skyfall is a brilliant one, paying homage to the past, digging deeper into Bond’s persona and paving the way for the future for an undying iconic hero. The pendulum has swung from charming rogue who gets away with murder, to disco bond, to gentleman Bond and back again to Craig’s bond – roguish, rough and tumble with more depth.  I look forward to next installment in the Craig Bond collection. Let’s pray we don’t have to wait 4 years for it. In the meantime I will sit back and watch Skyfall again with a keen eye watching for glimpses of the past, but looking to the future.

Coming up next week – Some fun with Bond Trivia..

Post and Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – to shop or not to shop?

Wonder what will be under your tree this Christmas?

The holiday season is upon us, and with the American Thanksgiving weekend approaching so are two of the most popular shopping days of the year in the US – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  According to a story released by Canada Newswire on November 15th (full story) which talks about a survey conducted  on behalf of Visa Canada, more Canadians will take advantage of the discounts offered by American online shopping sites this year than ever before.  The numbers indicate that 44% of Canadian shoppers will purchase items during this upcoming weekend, with Ontarians leading the way provincially.

I have to interject a little comment here.  I love infographics.  I think they are a great way to get a bunch of information in a quick and easy format and I found a few great infographics related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday that I thought I would share.  Here is a great one from Voucher Codes which shows some interesting stats and facts about these huge savings events.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Infographic
Source: Voucher Codes

If you look at the very bottom of the graphic, last year 18% of Canadians headed across the border to take advantage of Black Friday deals, and 48% of Canadians take advantage of Cyber Monday to shop for items not available here in Canada.  Oh, and interestingly more men participate in the shopping frenzy than women.  Hmmm….

With the huge volume of people out there trying to sniff out the best deals, sadly this is also a prime opportunity for hackers and scammers to take advantage.   Here is an infographic by Coupon Audit which outlines some of the hacks/scams involved in online shopping, and also gives you some ideas of ways to protect yourself – especially on these popular shopping days.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

A few key tips

  • shop sites that you know
  • make sure that your software (especially virus software) is up to date
  • avoid using public wifi if possible
  • use caution when clicking on deal links sent via email
  • if looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Of course we all want to get the best deals possible during this purchase-intense time of the year.  What are the best days to shop?  I have one more infographic to share with you about the best times to shop for different types of gifts that you might be buying during the holiday season.  Keep in mind this is an American source, but similar trends probably apply here in Canada, right?

Presented by Savings.com

So, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are best days to purchase certain items, that is not true right across the board.  Be a smart shopper!

Where does that leave us here in Canada you might ask?  If you are not the type to head across the border and shop Black Friday, or sit down with a cup of java Cyber Monday to hit the online sales you are not completely out of luck.  Many Canadian retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and offering promotions, sales and extended shopping hours to try and keep consumers shopping locally.

Will you be shopping this Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

photo by Anita Woo.

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Helping Hands Can Be Big No Matter How Small

Some of you may have noticed that last week we did not post on the blog. Sometimes life gets hectic and other matters take precedence. Last week was one of those times. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on all of us, many were preparing for the storm. Even in the GTA area of Ontario, so far removed from where the storm made landfall, we felt the effects. Many experienced power and internet/cable outages even hours before the storm hit. For some, however, the storm was more than a mere loss of power for a few hours. Trees were uprooted, properties damaged and lives lost.

Personally, one of our “chicks” was worried for friends and family in New Jersey who in harm’s way and in risk of their houses flooding. While our loved ones in New Jersey are still without power, they have weathered the storm and are all safe and sound. A little closer to home, the high winds of the storm threatened a neighbouring family as it fuelled a fire that burned their house.

Regardless of whether we felt the effects of the storm personally or not, we have all seen the pictures of the wave devastation in the north eastern USA. It has tugged at our heart strings. During the last week we have also another viewed another wave in America – a wave of kindness and generosity. We have watched as American has shared power and homes and so much more with strangers in need.

It is acts like these that give us faith in mankind and hope for the future. People need to care for one another. We all must care for our fellow man and make an effort to help in whatever way we can no matter how small. It is also important that we instil this ethic in our children.

We at those3chicks are very fortunate to have our children attend fine schools where giving to others and charity is a strong theme and the schools have participated in many charitable drives.

For the last 5 years our childrens’ schools have participated in a Candy Donation Drive with Dr. Simone’s Canadian Food for Children Organization. Our  chick, Lyndsay, tweeted last week about the candy drive and many were curious to learn more.

Donations arriving at CFFC

Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) is an organization of volunteers who gather food and supplies to send to the poor throughout the world. Each year around Halloween, this organization has a candy drive. The candy drive is used to aid malnourished children. These children are so malnourished and often dehydrated that they cannot eat even when offered food. The sugar in candy stimulates their appetites and saliva which is necessary for these starving children to start eating again. It only takes one piece of candy. Each year our schools call on the students to donate any leftover candy to this drive, but this is only one of the many drives you can participate in with the CFFC.

CFFC was started in 1985 by Toronto natives, Dr. Andrew Simone and his wife, Joan. They have been awarded the Order of Canada for their work. In one year Dr. Andrew Simone and his charity shipped 8,273,000 pounds of goods. New and recycled clothing, non-perishable food, medicine and school supplies were sent to 22 developing countries such as Sierra Leone and the Philippines.

Dry goods donations at CFFC warehouse

Dr. Simone and his wife Joan have an amazing story. They have raised 27 children and sacrificed their own comfort for those less fortunate. In the 1980’s they met Mother Teresa and discovered their true purpose in life and started Canadian Food for Children based on the premise there were busy people who had great items to donate. CFFC is also totally volunteer. No one is paid.

Volunteers sorting donations at CFFC

All of CFFC’s operations are financed by donations. They do not do any fundraising, projects or appeals. All materials and manpower used to run the warehouses are donated. A very large portion of Dr. Simone’s personal income is donated directly back to CFFC. They are a registered charity. Canadian Food for Children is an ecumenical organization and welcomes people of all faiths as volunteers and supporters. Food and goods are given to the needy in over 40 countries around the world without regard to their colour, race or religion.

Large food companies donate as well to the CFFC

Large food companies donate things like rice, dried peas, milk powder, sugar, salt, soap, etc. Farmers sometimes sell dried foods cheaply or donate them. All items are stored in the main warehouse in Mississauga, where they are packed in 20″ or 40″ containers holding about 40,000 pounds of food and supplies. One container usually provides food for 500 people for three to four months. Each container shipped is met by someone responsible who will unload and distribute the contents to the poor. No government agencies are involved in the donation, collection or distribution of the food sent by CFFC and neither will Dr. Simone send any food unless it is to be used immediately to satisfy the needs of the hungry around the world.

Containers are filled and shipped to developing countries in need.

• new or gently used clothing, especially shirts, shorts, sweaters and pants
• flat-soled sturdy shoes, sandals and crocs
• hats, scarves and gloves
• linens, blankets, fabric and towels, washcloths
• sewing and knitting supplies – needles, safety pins, thread, wool
• candles
• crayons, paper, pens, pencils, file folders, notepads for school
• schoolbags
• soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste (full and travel size)
• combs, brushes, headbands
• salt, sugar, milk powder
• pasta, flour, rice
• plastic grocery bags – all sizes, used to distribute food and goods
• candies for the children

Contact the CFFC to find out how you and your school can contribute:

Canadian Food for Children Warehouse

1258 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga,

ON L5E 1E9

(905) 274-923

Children love to help other children, and they can through CFFC’s Candy Drive or even Pennies for the Poor. Perhaps your child wants to participate, or their friends or school mates. We encourage you to reach out, in your community, or with global charities, and teach your children one of life’s most rewarding lessons…teach them  the joy of giving.

Text by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Photos by Anita Woo

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BlissDom Canada 2012 – Finding my Bliss

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the BlissDom Canada 2012 conference for bloggers, social media experts and brands with fellow chick Lyndsay.  We had a great time meeting people, hanging out and learning from the micro sessions and speakers.  I have put together a little poem about my observations on the conference – read this with the tune of “My favourite things” from the Sound of Music in mind!

Friday we skipped, oh so sad to have missed it,

Marilyn Dennis and kick off reception,

Saturday morning, on time we arrived,

Anxious to see what Bliss-Dom would be like!

Hot Starbucks coffee and crunchy granola,

Three microsessions, so many to choose from,

SEO, Marketing, Your inner Expert,

These are the things that I learned at Blissdom!

Super great brands, tasty snacks and those swag bags,

Happy to see, friendly faces to chat with,

Afternoon speakers, I laughed and I cried,

Tried not to miss, not one single word!

Time for dinner, steak, martini,

Karaoke time!

Costumes and pizza and yes, Andy Kim,

It’s over until… next year!

Thanks to everyone for such a great experience – see you next year!

Note, I did have the pleasure of going to the Evergreen Brickworks for my excursion on Sunday.  Stay tuned for a future blog post on my visit.

All Photos by Anita Woo

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Misfortune Cookies – The Perfect Halloween Treat

Halloween is all about trick or treating and getting dressed up in costumes, but what do you do if you are an adult and too old to trick or treat? Personally I never let age stop me. I always dress up for Halloween whether I am taking my daughter and her friends out to spook the neighbourhood or on “Candy Duty” at the front door. I love getting dressed up almost as much as I enjoy planning the costume.

A few of us on our street have been known to provide a treat (in the form of some liquid elixir) for the parents in the hood who are roaming the streets with their little goblins. For many adults, however, their only chance to wear a costume is to a Halloween Party…and what about the goodies? I know many of us could do without the sugar, but don’t we adults deserve a treat too?

Enter today’s project…

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

It has been my misfortune fortune to be invited to an annual Halloween party at a friend’s house and wanting to be a good guest, I always like to bring a hostess gift. Previous years I have brought something personal or an item for the house, but this year, I decided to bring something the hostess could share with her guests at the party.

I enjoy baking and my enthusiasm has even earned me a nickname,  “Lyndzer”,  after the year I baked a severe over abundance of Linzer cookies. I thought about bringing a plate of home-baked Halloween treats, but my schedule prohibited this…then while cleaning my office I came across left-over Halloween paper from my last blog post and I had an idea… why not make something from this great paper?…


These are easy, require no skill and take very little time to make…

  1. Cut circles, measuring 4 ½ “ in diameter, out of decorative paper.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Note: For this project I used Martha Stewart Paper and Michael’s Arts and Crafts own brand of creative paper.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger to form a roll…like a cannoli.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

3. Using your index finger on your other hand press into the back of the roll in the centre. As the roll folds grab both ends and continue to fold it.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

4. Place a small dot of glue between the two sides of the fortune cookie. I used hot glue but you could also use two-sided tape.

5. Using your fingers press the two sides together and hold until the glue sets.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

6. Cut strips of paper approximately 1/2” wide x 3” long. Leave the ends straight or notch them. Your choice.

7. Next take the strips of white paper and write or stamp your message on one side.

Note: I actually printed the messages in Word, using different scary fonts, and then cut the paper into strips.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

8. Insert the strips in to the cookies far enough that they won’t fall out OR put a dot of glue on the end and press into the inside if the cookie.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

NOTE: If your messages are long like mine you might want to forgo the glue so people can pull the fortune out and read it.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Now I have a lovely plate of homemade cookies to bring to my friend’s party. This party favour is a fun way to share with guests. They will surely smile when they pick a cookie and discover their misfortune. The great thing about these cookies is that they made from left-over craft supplies and are recyclable. In addition they are a low-calorie, sugar-free Halloween treat to serve to guests.


Craft and Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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NoTricks, Just A Treat For Your Eyes: A Halloween DIY

I did this great Halloween Craft a year ago and shared it on another site, but I wanted to share it again on those3chicks…enjoy and get crafting…

I have always been a fan of words and letters, and fonts. Typography has been extremely hot in design the last few years. With that in mind I have a little DIY for you incorporating my love for Typography and beautiful paper. It is simple and inexpensive and no
witchcraft is required.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Halloween will be creeping up on us sooner than you think and I have noticed a significant increase in the number of people decorating for this holiday. These letters can be placed on your mantle, or tied together to hang on a door or on the wall. For the decorative elements I appropriately chose a Halloween theme, but decided to decorate both sides of the letters in a different style. This way you can mix and match or simply present the side that goes best with your haunting décor.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Want to try this? There are no tricks I promise, just a treat for your eyes when you are finished. Let’s get started. Don’t be afraid…

Here’s what you need:

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

  • Letters B,O,O – can be purchased at craft stores. I actually bought these at a local dollar stores. Failing that you could cut them from black foam-core board.
  • Decorative craft paper
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Tacky Glue – try to use the acid free glue to avoid long-term damage to the paper.
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • X-acto knife with a sharp blade
  • Raffia
  • Scissors


  1. Using a paint brush and acrylic paint, paint the edges of the letters black and let dry.
  2. Paint one side of the letter with glue. Be sure to use Tacky Glue. While regular white glue will work, it is thinner than tacky glue; therefore, you run the risk of warping the paper and it will take much longer to dry.
  3. Making sure you have the right side of the letter facing up (sounds silly but trust me you don’t want to make that mistake), position the craft paper over the letter and press down firmly. Let dry.
  4. Using an X-acto knife, very carefully cut the excess paper from around the edge of the letter. Make sure the blade in your knife is new and sharp. If you blade is the least bit dull you will get a ragged cut rather than a clean edge.
  5. After trimming the paper, you will notice that the edge of the paper is white. Using a black sharpie marker, touch up the edge of the paper so it blends in with the side of the letter.
  6. If you want to get more style for your buck, glue and paper the other side of your letters with a different style of decorative paper. Now this won’t work for every letter say if you use the word “HALLOWEEN” – obviously the L’s can be used on both sides.
  7. If you want a hanging decoration, ties the letters together using raffia.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

This craft does not have to be limited to Halloween, thing about other words you like which reflect a sentiment for your home or a holiday. For Thanksgiving you could use “Give Thanks”. For Christmas – “Peace” or “Joy”. You could also decorate your child’s name and tie the letters together to hang on their bedroom door. How about a simple word you could place anywhere in your house – a word that means a lot to everyone, “Home”. What every the word, choose some fabulous paper and have fun.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Craft and Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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Quick, Cute & Easy Hostess Gifts

This week we are pleased to welcome back our friend. Deb Haire. The consummate hostess, Deb is always thoughtful, but it doesn’t stop there. Our friend is also a great guest! Check out her thoughtful ideas for hostess gifts… Hmmm. Now to invite Deb over… 😉

Let’s be honest with each other.  Who doesn’t love to bring a cute hostess gift?  But really, who is that organized.  Lots of us end up dropping by the liquor store on our way to a party.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that………in fact, I’m sure that often a gift from the liquor store, even if it’s in a brown paper bag, is well received!

How about being a little more organized this fall?  Have a couple of gifts or wraps ready to go.  Here are some things to consider….

  • What type of event are you going to?  Is it a family party?  Sometimes it’s nice to add a little something for the kids
  • How well do you know your host?  Make it personal if you can. One of the most lovely hostess gifts I received was a framed photograph of a cherished moment taken by my guest earlier that year.  It’s hard not to like a great memory!
  • It doesn’t have to break the bank – it’s the thought that counts, really.
  • Keep wrapping supplies like cello bags and tissue paper (that can make most things look pretty) on hand.
  • And baskets.  Lots of little things in a basket look great.
  • Double sided tape is your friend.  It helps keep stuff in place.

Here are a few gift and wrapping ideas that I hope will spark your imagination.  Many of the “wrappings” can be found at the dollar store, and can make the gift fun!

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Magazines are great fun, and they are so easy to personalize.  From cooking, to fishing, to celebrity gossip there’s pretty much a magazine out there for everyone.  These cooking magazines are wrapped in a dollar store oven mitt.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

With Halloween coming up, here’s a wrapping suggestion for a bottle of your host’s favourite.  You can also use this wrap for a bottle of nice bubble bath.  The haunted glove, and spider bracelet are from the dollar store.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Feeling crafty? This year, we are having Thanksgiving with my family, and it’s a rustic theme.  These place cards are really quick, and easy to make:

1.  Collect and clean rocks (or buy them from your craft store).

2.  Paint background a neutral colour.

3.  Paint ridiculously tiny leaf in corner (tiny leaf painting is NOT my forte).

4.  Use a Sharpie to write dinner guest names.

5.  Decorate dollar store plastic butter dish with ribbon and fake leaves.

6.  You could just buy cute place card holders, and repeat step 5.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

This gift is for a family event.  There are so many beautiful towels and hand soaps in stores now, and these Halloween ones are from Homesense.  There are a couple of crafts from Michaels to keep kids busy.  Items like paint and glitter glue are probably not a good idea.  Pile everything into the v.2012 dollar store pumpkin bucket.  Wrap with tissue paper and cello bag (not in the picture – it only looks good in person).

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Fancy food!  This summer a friend brought me some really nice organic olive oil and vinegar that I just loved.  These very pretty, infused olive oils came from Loblaws, and look great wrapped in the totally adorable owl tea towel.  Double-sided tape comes in handy keeping the towel in place.

 Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

These take out boxes are great for small items.  I wrapped some Christmas ornaments in this one, and then I used bangles and ribbon to dress the top.  These bangles came from the dollar store, but I guess the sky is the limit where jewelry is concerned.

Have a great time at your party, and have fun wrapping outside the box!

To Learn more about Deb visit our Guest Chicks page.

Photos by Deb Haire

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What to wear for your family photo session

It’s fall again and have decided to revisit a topic that I blogged about last fall (click here to check out Styling your holiday photos).   For most portrait photographers, this is the most popular season for family portrait sessions.  With the beautiful fall colours and cooler weather, this is the perfect time to have family photos taken and printed for Christmas gift giving and holidays cards.  One of the biggest sources of stress for families (and usually, specifically for mom!) in the weeks before the shoot continues to be how to dress the family – what looks best, what colours to select, are patterns okay, etc.   Here are some factors to consider…

– go for coordinating colours, textures, patterns instead of matching to make your photos more interesting (but don’t go crazy with too many competing patterns!)

– avoid large distracting logos

– layer clothes and add accessories for interest and flexibility – you can remove pieces to create different looks

– when in doubt, bring an extra outfit along – just in case!

– dress everyone for the same season, and in clothes that are appropriate for the location

– consider where the photos will hang in your home, and try to select colours that will look good on the wall in that room

If you still can’t decide on outfits, have a look at Pinterest.  It is a great source for examples of family photos, and many photographers have boards dedicated to how to dress for your photo session.  I have created a pin board called What to Wear- click here to check it out!  Below I have posted a few examples from my Pinterest board of family styles that I love…


One last thing to remember…

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” ― Anna Wintour

Have fun!

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Zippers: Flying High In Fashion

Zippers. We all use them. They have been around for over 100 years. Many claim the zipper to be an American invention because a patent for a “clasp locker” was originally granted in 1893 to American inventor, Whitcomb Judson, but his invention was clunky and often jammed. It was not received well at the 1893 World’s Trade Fair. Many people were working on alternate ideas to hook and eye closures, however, it was north of the 49th parallel, in 1913, that the patent for the modern zipper was granted to a Swedish- born Engineer named Gideon Sundbäch …Yet another reason to love Canada!

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Over the last 3 years we have seen zippers rise up in status in fashion. No longer hidden under flaps the exposed zipper has become more than a functional clothing closure. It is regarded as an embellishment. Designers have not only been sewing zippers everywhere as if they were an appliqués, but even deconstructing  it to create new adornments for clothing and accessories.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Today we see zippers used as jewellery – Glee’s Tina Chan was sporting an oversized zipper inspired necklace on the season’s premiere last week. In several stores, such as Claire’s, you can find plastic, zipper-inspired bracelets. Explore Esty and Pinterest and you will find many examples of Zipper jewellery – bracelets being the most popular form.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Being a creative gal I thought I would try my hand at making a few zipper bracelets and I know a certain 9 year girl who would happy to have some – let’s be honest, I wanted one too! So today I am going to walk you through the “how to” so you can also try your hand at it.

There are many ways you can make these bracelets. I will document two methods and give you tips for others. It will depend on your skill, tools available and personal taste. Here we go…

What You’ll Need:

  • Zippers

*TIP* Wrap the zipper around your wrist when purchasing to gauge the size/length you need to fit your wrist. Use shorter zippers for kid’s bracelets.

  • Spring-ring or lobster clasps
  • Jump rings
  • Clamps with a ring attached to finish the end of the zipper
  • Super Glue (optional depending on method used)
  • Scissors, lighter, pliers, small drill (optional)

The How To:

  1. For all zippers you must trim the excess fabric off. See below.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

2. Next you will need a lighter to carefully melt/bond the edges of the zipper fabric to prevent fraying. The zipper is now ready to be finished on the “stop” end.

*TIP* If using a plastic zipper be careful to not hold the flame too long against the fabric in any one spot as you can melt/damage the zipper.

3. If you have a small drill, this is the easiest way to finish the end of the zipper. You can drill both metal and plastic zippers but I find drilling the plastic much easier. Using a drill bit bigger than the thickness of the wire in your jump ring, drill a hole through the centre of the zipper stop.

4. Using pliers, open the jump ring and feed it through the hole. Close the jump ring and add another smaller one. You will need 2 jump rings to ensure that your clasp will be in the proper position to attach to the other end of the bracelet.

5. Attach your clasp to the smaller jump ring. Open the clasp and attach/close on the hole in the zipper pull.

*TIP* Make sure your clasp is large enough to fit over the edge of the zipper pull allowing for easy opening and closing.

*TIP* Make sure you place your clasp in the right side up so you can easily open & close it… Yes. I got it wrong the first time… See Below.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Not using plastic zippers? Do not have a small drill?

  1. Follow steps 1 & 2.
  2. Use Clamps, which can be found in any crafting beading supply store under Jewellery Findings, to finish the “stop” end of the zipper. Try to find a clamp which will fit the end of your zipper. You may use glue to secure the clamps or pliers to close them. Your choice. It will depend in the particular findings you purchase how you secure them.
  3. Again you will need 2 jump rings to properly align the clasp with the hole in zipper pull.
  4. Follow step 5 above.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson


  • Try wiring or stitching a button to the “stop” end of the zipper and make a wire loop which is attached to the button thru one of its holes. Attach the jump ring and clasp to the zipper pull and close the clasp over the loop on the button.
  • Use a safety pin to close the bracelet. You could pin it to the stop end and close over the zipper pull hole.
  • Want to add some flare? Add extra jump rings to the jump ring on the stop end and hang a few charms.
  • Try using a longer zipper to make a wrap around bracelet or even a necklace.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

The bracelets require very little time to make and the materials are inexpensive. I challenge you to take the basics I have shared here and make you own. There are many ways to personalize your bracelet. Surf the net for inspiration. I’d love to hear about your creations!

P.S. I am currently working on a few new zipper jewellery pieces so check back later for an update…

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