Meet the Chicks – Anita Woo

Ask Anita about her career path and you might want to pull up a chair because you’re going to be there for awhile! From capturing memories with her camera, to capturing images of brains on a PET scanner, she’s been there, done that, and more.  Currently family, photography, baking, running, travel and yoga occupy her time and space, but all bets are off for what comes next.

Anita wrote a little something about her life thus far…

…(To be sung out loud to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song)

Here’s a story, a techie lady, bravely went to school to be an engineer

Met a guy, worked hard (drank beer), and graduated … then hit the working world

Teaching unix, and selling software, wanted badly to become a mommy too

IVF, a son was born, and then a daughter… stayed home to raise the kids

And then one day cameras, lenses were her passion

Studied, shot, and filled alot of memory cards

Live the dream, make portraits for my day job

Hope you’ll join me for a glimpse into my world!

… See you around the blog!