Guests Chicks

Welcome to our Guestbook. Here you will find out a bit more about the other chicks (and roosters) who stop by to say hi and contribute to our blog:


Robin has over 20 years of retail and marketing industry experience. She loves to share her shopping expertise and inside information on where and how to get the most for your money and time.


Deb is an accountant by day, and crafter extraordinaire by night.  You name it she’s done it, or at least attempted to!

Painting, sewing, scrapbooking, cake decorating, amateur photography, needlepoint and the family genealogy project all take place in her craft room or the “c*#p” room as her hubby so affectionately calls it.   Deb spends a lot of time dreaming about what craft challenge she will take on next.

Photo by Scott Gorman


What wine goes with Peanut Butter?  If anyone knows, it’d be Diana.  Runner, Chef and slave to all things peanut butter, Diana is passionate about food, wine and all the good things in life.  Sleepless nights dreaming up culinary combinations have given birth to amazing recipes …. And a wicked sleep-deprived sense of humour.

Amateur Sommelier, Master Mixologist and Dog Lover, Diana can most often be found entertaining and cooking for friends … with her trusty sous chef and pup, Jasmine at her side.

Di is a Reiki practitioner who, contrary to the laws of Reike, also promotes cheating … Cheating age … with a failsafe recipe of exercise, good moisturizer, and a good measure of wine.

A lover of music, Diana hopes to finish learning how to play guitar sometime before the end of the decade … in between running half marathons, creating amazing meals … and finding the perfect wine to pair with peanut butter.

Photo by Jim HuestonJIM HUESTON

Jim Hueston has been a fan of wine as long as he can remember.  Sunday dinner, with the family, while watching Walt Disney World was usually accompanied by a very small glass of Lonesome Charlie, BlackTower or other fine wine from the miniscule selection of the LCBO in the early 70s.

He now lives with his wife and two children in Calgary where he works in the oil patch and strives to find the perfect wine and food combination to share with family and friends on the weekend.

Photo by Pierre Gautreau


Noelle has dabbled in Mixology from an early age. Not surprisingly for an Irish lass, this Colleen has an inherent knowledge of cocktails. She is a graduate of The Jenkinson School of Bartending, where she and her siblings studied under the watchful eye of their father Noel. By the tender age of 12, both Noelle and her twin sister Lyndsay had mastered the art of making the perfect Manhattan. Over the years Noelle has expanded her repertoire and dedicated herself to honing her skills

We would like to salute Noelle (and her liver) for the sacrifices she has made during her studies. So we raise a glass, firmly make eye contact, and say, “Happiness Darling”.


Ron is an IT Director at an Aerospace company in Cambridge Ontario.  He lives near Hamilton and is a farmer at heart.  He is interested in people, aerospace, science, agricultural issues, organizational behavior, plays a ’57 Gibson Les Paul and of course loves his Ukulele!


Liz is a full-time mom to five beautiful daughters!  When she’s not in the family van driving to one event or another you’ll find her cooking up a storm in her gourmet kitchen or creating something artistic in her workshop.  She’s a northern girl who loves the bush so you’ll often find her hiking the local ravines enjoying the trails.  One day her dream is to own a car without third row seating.


Kate Walton is a communications professional in the charitable sector. As a new Mom, she is learning to balance her June Cleaver pearls with her Working Girl shoulder pads. She is married to a wonderful husband and father of her beautiful daughter who has taught them that it’s never too early in the morning to dance. They live in Hamilton with their Bernese Mountain Dog.


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  1. Christine Barnes says:

    Loved reading the blogs! Looking forward to more!

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