NoTricks, Just A Treat For Your Eyes: A Halloween DIY

I did this great Halloween Craft a year ago and shared it on another site, but I wanted to share it again on those3chicks…enjoy and get crafting…

I have always been a fan of words and letters, and fonts. Typography has been extremely hot in design the last few years. With that in mind I have a little DIY for you incorporating my love for Typography and beautiful paper. It is simple and inexpensive and no
witchcraft is required.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Halloween will be creeping up on us sooner than you think and I have noticed a significant increase in the number of people decorating for this holiday. These letters can be placed on your mantle, or tied together to hang on a door or on the wall. For the decorative elements I appropriately chose a Halloween theme, but decided to decorate both sides of the letters in a different style. This way you can mix and match or simply present the side that goes best with your haunting décor.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Want to try this? There are no tricks I promise, just a treat for your eyes when you are finished. Let’s get started. Don’t be afraid…

Here’s what you need:

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

  • Letters B,O,O – can be purchased at craft stores. I actually bought these at a local dollar stores. Failing that you could cut them from black foam-core board.
  • Decorative craft paper
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Tacky Glue – try to use the acid free glue to avoid long-term damage to the paper.
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • X-acto knife with a sharp blade
  • Raffia
  • Scissors


  1. Using a paint brush and acrylic paint, paint the edges of the letters black and let dry.
  2. Paint one side of the letter with glue. Be sure to use Tacky Glue. While regular white glue will work, it is thinner than tacky glue; therefore, you run the risk of warping the paper and it will take much longer to dry.
  3. Making sure you have the right side of the letter facing up (sounds silly but trust me you don’t want to make that mistake), position the craft paper over the letter and press down firmly. Let dry.
  4. Using an X-acto knife, very carefully cut the excess paper from around the edge of the letter. Make sure the blade in your knife is new and sharp. If you blade is the least bit dull you will get a ragged cut rather than a clean edge.
  5. After trimming the paper, you will notice that the edge of the paper is white. Using a black sharpie marker, touch up the edge of the paper so it blends in with the side of the letter.
  6. If you want to get more style for your buck, glue and paper the other side of your letters with a different style of decorative paper. Now this won’t work for every letter say if you use the word “HALLOWEEN” – obviously the L’s can be used on both sides.
  7. If you want a hanging decoration, ties the letters together using raffia.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

This craft does not have to be limited to Halloween, thing about other words you like which reflect a sentiment for your home or a holiday. For Thanksgiving you could use “Give Thanks”. For Christmas – “Peace” or “Joy”. You could also decorate your child’s name and tie the letters together to hang on their bedroom door. How about a simple word you could place anywhere in your house – a word that means a lot to everyone, “Home”. What every the word, choose some fabulous paper and have fun.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Craft and Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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