Meet the Chicks – Lyndsay Jenkinson

Photo by Anita Woo

What’s the question most asked of Lyndsay?  Well, aside from the obvious, “Does your twin look like you?” it’s “Is there anything you can’t do?”  Phone a friend and they may just spill Lyndsay’s secrets, but they’ll also tell you she’s always creating … And Lyndsay is passionate about whatever she does.  From mixing her own spice blends to mixing a mean manhattan, Lyndsay brings new meaning to the term Mixologist.   

A colour expert, Lyndsay is so passionate about colour and its application that she has been known to refer to herself as a “woman of colour”. 

She’s a Mom and a Wife as well as a multi-faceted Designer whose experience runs the gamut from jewellery to interiors to industrial design. 

Lyndsay loves to “get her Martha on” and is always up for a mojito making throw down.

Lyndsay is owner of Hillfield East Design.

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