BlissDom Canada 2012 – Finding my Bliss

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the BlissDom Canada 2012 conference for bloggers, social media experts and brands with fellow chick Lyndsay.  We had a great time meeting people, hanging out and learning from the micro sessions and speakers.  I have put together a little poem about my observations on the conference – read this with the tune of “My favourite things” from the Sound of Music in mind!

Friday we skipped, oh so sad to have missed it,

Marilyn Dennis and kick off reception,

Saturday morning, on time we arrived,

Anxious to see what Bliss-Dom would be like!

Hot Starbucks coffee and crunchy granola,

Three microsessions, so many to choose from,

SEO, Marketing, Your inner Expert,

These are the things that I learned at Blissdom!

Super great brands, tasty snacks and those swag bags,

Happy to see, friendly faces to chat with,

Afternoon speakers, I laughed and I cried,

Tried not to miss, not one single word!

Time for dinner, steak, martini,

Karaoke time!

Costumes and pizza and yes, Andy Kim,

It’s over until… next year!

Thanks to everyone for such a great experience – see you next year!

Note, I did have the pleasure of going to the Evergreen Brickworks for my excursion on Sunday.  Stay tuned for a future blog post on my visit.

All Photos by Anita Woo


About anitawoo

A photographer & mom with a passion for capturing life's moments with my camera.
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12 Responses to BlissDom Canada 2012 – Finding my Bliss

  1. Looks so informative and fun! Love the poem!

  2. Fun post! Love the photos Anita. So great to see you both there….we need to hang out more next year!

    • anitawoo says:

      I agree! There was so much going on I found that I didn’t chat and socialize as much as I would have liked – next year!

  3. Gorgeous photos as usual Anita!! Next year I need to rest up to gain my strength before attending. Was too pooped to party!

    • anitawoo says:

      I know what you mean! Lots of things I’d do differently, but it was still great to get away for a couple of days!

  4. shannon says:

    This was a great way to recap, Creativepants. Love the pics!

  5. Such a great post…It was great seeing you there..Just wish we had more time to chat..That is usually always what happens at these things…It Here and then it’s gone…Cheers

    • anitawoo says:

      Thanks Dee! It was great seeing you there too, and your costume was simply outstanding. You are a true chameleon! Cheers to you too!

  6. Shash says:

    I love your photos and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!!!

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