Quick, Cute & Easy Hostess Gifts

This week we are pleased to welcome back our friend. Deb Haire. The consummate hostess, Deb is always thoughtful, but it doesn’t stop there. Our friend is also a great guest! Check out her thoughtful ideas for hostess gifts… Hmmm. Now to invite Deb over… 😉

Let’s be honest with each other.  Who doesn’t love to bring a cute hostess gift?  But really, who is that organized.  Lots of us end up dropping by the liquor store on our way to a party.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that………in fact, I’m sure that often a gift from the liquor store, even if it’s in a brown paper bag, is well received!

How about being a little more organized this fall?  Have a couple of gifts or wraps ready to go.  Here are some things to consider….

  • What type of event are you going to?  Is it a family party?  Sometimes it’s nice to add a little something for the kids
  • How well do you know your host?  Make it personal if you can. One of the most lovely hostess gifts I received was a framed photograph of a cherished moment taken by my guest earlier that year.  It’s hard not to like a great memory!
  • It doesn’t have to break the bank – it’s the thought that counts, really.
  • Keep wrapping supplies like cello bags and tissue paper (that can make most things look pretty) on hand.
  • And baskets.  Lots of little things in a basket look great.
  • Double sided tape is your friend.  It helps keep stuff in place.

Here are a few gift and wrapping ideas that I hope will spark your imagination.  Many of the “wrappings” can be found at the dollar store, and can make the gift fun!

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Magazines are great fun, and they are so easy to personalize.  From cooking, to fishing, to celebrity gossip there’s pretty much a magazine out there for everyone.  These cooking magazines are wrapped in a dollar store oven mitt.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

With Halloween coming up, here’s a wrapping suggestion for a bottle of your host’s favourite.  You can also use this wrap for a bottle of nice bubble bath.  The haunted glove, and spider bracelet are from the dollar store.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Feeling crafty? This year, we are having Thanksgiving with my family, and it’s a rustic theme.  These place cards are really quick, and easy to make:

1.  Collect and clean rocks (or buy them from your craft store).

2.  Paint background a neutral colour.

3.  Paint ridiculously tiny leaf in corner (tiny leaf painting is NOT my forte).

4.  Use a Sharpie to write dinner guest names.

5.  Decorate dollar store plastic butter dish with ribbon and fake leaves.

6.  You could just buy cute place card holders, and repeat step 5.

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

This gift is for a family event.  There are so many beautiful towels and hand soaps in stores now, and these Halloween ones are from Homesense.  There are a couple of crafts from Michaels to keep kids busy.  Items like paint and glitter glue are probably not a good idea.  Pile everything into the v.2012 dollar store pumpkin bucket.  Wrap with tissue paper and cello bag (not in the picture – it only looks good in person).

Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

Fancy food!  This summer a friend brought me some really nice organic olive oil and vinegar that I just loved.  These very pretty, infused olive oils came from Loblaws, and look great wrapped in the totally adorable owl tea towel.  Double-sided tape comes in handy keeping the towel in place.

 Photo by Deb Haire

Photo by Deb Haire

These take out boxes are great for small items.  I wrapped some Christmas ornaments in this one, and then I used bangles and ribbon to dress the top.  These bangles came from the dollar store, but I guess the sky is the limit where jewelry is concerned.

Have a great time at your party, and have fun wrapping outside the box!

To Learn more about Deb visit our Guest Chicks page.

Photos by Deb Haire


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One Response to Quick, Cute & Easy Hostess Gifts

  1. Laurie says:

    Holy Cow – Deb, you never cease to amaze me girl! Your craftiness is amazing. I will order one of each – thanks

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