Misfortune Cookies – The Perfect Halloween Treat

Halloween is all about trick or treating and getting dressed up in costumes, but what do you do if you are an adult and too old to trick or treat? Personally I never let age stop me. I always dress up for Halloween whether I am taking my daughter and her friends out to spook the neighbourhood or on “Candy Duty” at the front door. I love getting dressed up almost as much as I enjoy planning the costume.

A few of us on our street have been known to provide a treat (in the form of some liquid elixir) for the parents in the hood who are roaming the streets with their little goblins. For many adults, however, their only chance to wear a costume is to a Halloween Party…and what about the goodies? I know many of us could do without the sugar, but don’t we adults deserve a treat too?

Enter today’s project…

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

It has been my misfortune fortune to be invited to an annual Halloween party at a friend’s house and wanting to be a good guest, I always like to bring a hostess gift. Previous years I have brought something personal or an item for the house, but this year, I decided to bring something the hostess could share with her guests at the party.

I enjoy baking and my enthusiasm has even earned me a nickname,  “Lyndzer”,  after the year I baked a severe over abundance of Linzer cookies. I thought about bringing a plate of home-baked Halloween treats, but my schedule prohibited this…then while cleaning my office I came across left-over Halloween paper from my last blog post and I had an idea… why not make something from this great paper?…


These are easy, require no skill and take very little time to make…

  1. Cut circles, measuring 4 ½ “ in diameter, out of decorative paper.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Note: For this project I used Martha Stewart Paper and Michael’s Arts and Crafts own brand of creative paper.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger to form a roll…like a cannoli.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

3. Using your index finger on your other hand press into the back of the roll in the centre. As the roll folds grab both ends and continue to fold it.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

4. Place a small dot of glue between the two sides of the fortune cookie. I used hot glue but you could also use two-sided tape.

5. Using your fingers press the two sides together and hold until the glue sets.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

6. Cut strips of paper approximately 1/2” wide x 3” long. Leave the ends straight or notch them. Your choice.

7. Next take the strips of white paper and write or stamp your message on one side.

Note: I actually printed the messages in Word, using different scary fonts, and then cut the paper into strips.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

8. Insert the strips in to the cookies far enough that they won’t fall out OR put a dot of glue on the end and press into the inside if the cookie.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

NOTE: If your messages are long like mine you might want to forgo the glue so people can pull the fortune out and read it.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Now I have a lovely plate of homemade cookies to bring to my friend’s party. This party favour is a fun way to share with guests. They will surely smile when they pick a cookie and discover their misfortune. The great thing about these cookies is that they made from left-over craft supplies and are recyclable. In addition they are a low-calorie, sugar-free Halloween treat to serve to guests.


Craft and Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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18 Responses to Misfortune Cookies – The Perfect Halloween Treat

  1. jazlinasencio says:

    Love this!!!!! Thank you for sharing !

  2. This is such a wonderful idea!!! I also am thinking it would be perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner party and you could even personalize your message to read why your thankful for that particular guest!

  3. jj sheridan says:

    awesome idea!

  4. I am so excited about this idea. TY! Now I just have to pull together a Halloween event so I can use it.

    • Thanks!! I hope you make them it was really easy and fun. I think you could esaily incorporate the idea for other holidays – New Years, Valentine’s Day or, as another commenter mentioned, for Thanksgiving with notes of thanks instead of fortunes etc.

  5. Nat says:

    What a great idea! I’m throwing my first Halloween party in Australia (after living here nearly 5 years) and think this will be a hit! Would it be possible to get your list of fortunes?

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