Helping Hands Can Be Big No Matter How Small

Some of you may have noticed that last week we did not post on the blog. Sometimes life gets hectic and other matters take precedence. Last week was one of those times. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on all of us, many were preparing for the storm. Even in the GTA area of Ontario, so far removed from where the storm made landfall, we felt the effects. Many experienced power and internet/cable outages even hours before the storm hit. For some, however, the storm was more than a mere loss of power for a few hours. Trees were uprooted, properties damaged and lives lost.

Personally, one of our “chicks” was worried for friends and family in New Jersey who in harm’s way and in risk of their houses flooding. While our loved ones in New Jersey are still without power, they have weathered the storm and are all safe and sound. A little closer to home, the high winds of the storm threatened a neighbouring family as it fuelled a fire that burned their house.

Regardless of whether we felt the effects of the storm personally or not, we have all seen the pictures of the wave devastation in the north eastern USA. It has tugged at our heart strings. During the last week we have also another viewed another wave in America – a wave of kindness and generosity. We have watched as American has shared power and homes and so much more with strangers in need.

It is acts like these that give us faith in mankind and hope for the future. People need to care for one another. We all must care for our fellow man and make an effort to help in whatever way we can no matter how small. It is also important that we instil this ethic in our children.

We at those3chicks are very fortunate to have our children attend fine schools where giving to others and charity is a strong theme and the schools have participated in many charitable drives.

For the last 5 years our childrens’ schools have participated in a Candy Donation Drive with Dr. Simone’s Canadian Food for Children Organization. Our  chick, Lyndsay, tweeted last week about the candy drive and many were curious to learn more.

Donations arriving at CFFC

Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) is an organization of volunteers who gather food and supplies to send to the poor throughout the world. Each year around Halloween, this organization has a candy drive. The candy drive is used to aid malnourished children. These children are so malnourished and often dehydrated that they cannot eat even when offered food. The sugar in candy stimulates their appetites and saliva which is necessary for these starving children to start eating again. It only takes one piece of candy. Each year our schools call on the students to donate any leftover candy to this drive, but this is only one of the many drives you can participate in with the CFFC.

CFFC was started in 1985 by Toronto natives, Dr. Andrew Simone and his wife, Joan. They have been awarded the Order of Canada for their work. In one year Dr. Andrew Simone and his charity shipped 8,273,000 pounds of goods. New and recycled clothing, non-perishable food, medicine and school supplies were sent to 22 developing countries such as Sierra Leone and the Philippines.

Dry goods donations at CFFC warehouse

Dr. Simone and his wife Joan have an amazing story. They have raised 27 children and sacrificed their own comfort for those less fortunate. In the 1980’s they met Mother Teresa and discovered their true purpose in life and started Canadian Food for Children based on the premise there were busy people who had great items to donate. CFFC is also totally volunteer. No one is paid.

Volunteers sorting donations at CFFC

All of CFFC’s operations are financed by donations. They do not do any fundraising, projects or appeals. All materials and manpower used to run the warehouses are donated. A very large portion of Dr. Simone’s personal income is donated directly back to CFFC. They are a registered charity. Canadian Food for Children is an ecumenical organization and welcomes people of all faiths as volunteers and supporters. Food and goods are given to the needy in over 40 countries around the world without regard to their colour, race or religion.

Large food companies donate as well to the CFFC

Large food companies donate things like rice, dried peas, milk powder, sugar, salt, soap, etc. Farmers sometimes sell dried foods cheaply or donate them. All items are stored in the main warehouse in Mississauga, where they are packed in 20″ or 40″ containers holding about 40,000 pounds of food and supplies. One container usually provides food for 500 people for three to four months. Each container shipped is met by someone responsible who will unload and distribute the contents to the poor. No government agencies are involved in the donation, collection or distribution of the food sent by CFFC and neither will Dr. Simone send any food unless it is to be used immediately to satisfy the needs of the hungry around the world.

Containers are filled and shipped to developing countries in need.

• new or gently used clothing, especially shirts, shorts, sweaters and pants
• flat-soled sturdy shoes, sandals and crocs
• hats, scarves and gloves
• linens, blankets, fabric and towels, washcloths
• sewing and knitting supplies – needles, safety pins, thread, wool
• candles
• crayons, paper, pens, pencils, file folders, notepads for school
• schoolbags
• soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste (full and travel size)
• combs, brushes, headbands
• salt, sugar, milk powder
• pasta, flour, rice
• plastic grocery bags – all sizes, used to distribute food and goods
• candies for the children

Contact the CFFC to find out how you and your school can contribute:

Canadian Food for Children Warehouse

1258 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga,

ON L5E 1E9

(905) 274-923

Children love to help other children, and they can through CFFC’s Candy Drive or even Pennies for the Poor. Perhaps your child wants to participate, or their friends or school mates. We encourage you to reach out, in your community, or with global charities, and teach your children one of life’s most rewarding lessons…teach them  the joy of giving.

Text by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Photos by Anita Woo


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3 Responses to Helping Hands Can Be Big No Matter How Small

  1. Denise says:

    Awesome cause, and a great time of year to remind people, as we enter the Holiday Season and people think more of giving and sharing their blessings with others.

  2. Sterling Adamek says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It is the little changes that produce the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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