Canada’s Diamond in the Wilderness – Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Canada’s Diamond in the Wilderness

During our trip west last month, I visited Lake Louise for a few days with my family.  Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park, and is referred to as “Canada’s Diamond in the Wilderness” as well as the “Hiking Capital of Canada”.  On both counts it certainly lives up to both of these descriptions… and then some.  The miraculous beauty of the mountains is breath-taking, and while I tried to capture some of this with my camera I’m afraid that my photos pale in comparison to the real thing.  Lake Louise owes its vibrant colour to fine rock particles called rock flour, created by the shifting of the Victoria Glacier. These particles are suspended in the glacier water and reflect the bright turquoise colour (from

While we were in Lake Louise we spent a great deal of our time hiking.  Depending on your level of fitness and the amount of time that you have to spend, there are a variety of hikes to choose from.  Here are a few photos that I captured while we hiked in and around Lake Louise.

Big Beehive from Mirror Lake, a short hike from Lake Louise

Lake Agnes, still full of ice in July

Steps up (and down) from Lake Agnes

The rocky side of the mountain

Big Beehive

Chateau Lake Louise

Snow-capped mountains

Great place for climbing

Ground squirrel enjoying a snack

Streams feeding the lake

Far side of the lake

Chateau Lake Louise from the far side of the lake

Low water levels reveal sandy areas

With luck and conservation efforts, I hope that Lake Louise will remain the diamond that it is today for our children to visit with their families in the future!

All photos by Anita Woo.


About anitawoo

A photographer & mom with a passion for capturing life's moments with my camera.
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4 Responses to Canada’s Diamond in the Wilderness – Lake Louise

  1. Cyndy says:

    Looks lovely Anita! You captured it beautifully and I hope to get there one day!

  2. Amazing, Breathtaking Photos – thanks for sharing!!!

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