Going to Camp? We’ve Got You Covered…

The final school bell has rung and the kids have sprinted out the doors, running headfirst into summer vacation. It’s time for family fun, trips, and for some, going to camp. Whether you are sending a child to camp or planning a camping trip, or even roughing it at the cottage, there is one thing which is guaranteed – you are going to get dirty.

Sure she’s cute and clean now…

Let’s face it – you’re out in the wilderness enjoying nature and there will be dirt involved. Yes you can swim and shower, but you’re not really going to get all that grime scrubbed off before you go to sleep – especially off the kids… and particularily if they have landed into a sink-hole while out walking with their Aunt…by I digress….

Laundry after the sink-hole…

So, unless you like the idea of washing your bulky sleeping bags after every camping trip, I offer this solution to you – Sleeping Bag Liners! Yes, you heard me correctly and I am here to tell you how to make them. Now I must confess I had never heard of these liners until my good friend, Laura, shared this idea with me. These liners are light weight and are also great to use on humid nights when a sleeping bag is too hot, but you would still like some light coverage.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A flat, cotton, top sheet. If you are making a liner for a small child’s sleeping bag you may use a twin sheet. Use a double sheet for larger campers.
  2. A sewing machine or someone who is willing to sew this for you.


Take the sheet and fold it in half and sew one end closed. Next you must sew up the side of the liner. I recommend only partially sewing the side closed. From the sewn bottom end, sew up one third to half of the length of the liner. If you wish, you may sew the entire side closed. This is a personal choice. Make sure you finish your seam on the side by sewing back and forth across the end of the seam – this will strengthen the seam and help to prevent it opening or ripping after several uses.

Looking for her way out or in of the sleeping bag...

Now here’s a twist…

Why stop there with your liner? Think about personalizing it especially if you have a child going away on a sleep-over or overnight camp. You could take family photos and using iron-on transfer paper, decorate your liner with these photos. Your child might find the familiar faces reassuring or comforting as they settle into dreamland. Another idea would be to type up a prayer, nighttime lullaby or song you share with your child every night. Print this up on transfer paper and iron onto the liner. Tell your child that when he/she reads it before they go to sleep, you will be saying it out loud at the same time at home. They might even hear your voice in their minds as they read it. If you don’t have a particular phrase, prayer or song you sing with to your child each night then why not write them a love note. For tips on using iron-on transfers click here .

For campers big and small this DIY is a simple and guaranteed to keep you cool. In addition it will reduce the amount of laundry you have to tackle when you get home. Once you’ve tried these light cotton liners you’ll never go back to camping without them. Sweet dreams.

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One Response to Going to Camp? We’ve Got You Covered…

  1. Ezequiel Leckband says:

    Sleeping bags that are made from cotton are the best since they retain heat and warmth at a longer time compared to synthetic fibers. ::`:*

    Till next time

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