Move Over Santa, Here Comes Peter Cottontail

“Here comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin’ Down the bunny trail,

Hippity, hoppity,

Easter’s on its way…”

Photo by Anita Woo

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? Spring flowers, birds chirping, new born lambs, baby bunnies… Chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs…

This time of year is fresh with renewal and rebirth as Mother Nature rolls up her sleeves and decorates her yard. Let’s face it, you’re rolling up your sleeves and working right alongside her, but why should all the attention and adornment be lavished on the outdoors? Yes, we do pay attention to the interiors of our houses at this time of year, but usually in the way or spring cleaning. With Easter just around the corner why not bring some of the sweetness and bloom of spring into your house? I am not just talking about a fresh bouquet of tulips. I’m talking about creating homage to Easter in your home.

Mantels are often the focal point for any holiday décor, but who says that beautifully styled holiday mantels should be reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Does Santa have an exclusive lease on your fireplace? I doubt it. Think about it… just how does that big bunny get into your house to deliver his sweet treats?

Changing the mantel display is an easy way to inject some seasonal style into your décor and freshen up your room. It isn’t hard and often you can still incorporate some of your pieces into many schemes by simply editing and rearranging. Here are four looks created for the same mantel. Some decorative items have been incorporated in more than one theme. Varying the positioning or contents of these decorative items enables you to create something fresh.

Organic Chocolate

Photo by Anita Woo

This look was inspired by the wreath, which itself is very organic. This wreath is actually square and made of vines. To add a touch of Easter and continuity to the design, an egg vine garland (matching the tree) was wound into a loose circle and hung in front of the wreath.

Nestled in the cake stand is a nest wrapped with raffia and filled with beautiful, painted, specked eggs. The two larger apothecary jars are filled with speckled eggs and moss balls. In addition to adding texture and interest, the moss balls also add visual weight to the apothecaries thus balancing the mantel. The small jar is filled with Cadbury mini eggs. If you are craving chocolate, you might be tempted to nibble on these bunnies ears, but don’t do it – they are ceramic!

Pastel Vintage 

Photo by Anita Woo

This pastel arrangement is elegant and vintage in style. Again, we used hand painted, speckled eggs in the apothecary jars mixed with moss balls to add a bit of visual weight. While the vine wreath is beautiful on its own, adding another wreath to the centre helps to unify the scheme. The addition of the tall hyacinth helps to guide the eye away from the central wreath and around the mantel.

Sweet Pastels

Photo by Anita Woo

Fun and whimsical, this mantel conjures up thoughts of sweet confections. With the two trees placed at either end of the mantle this is a more symmetrical arrangement. In the cake stand are hand painted, glazed eggs sitting in a bed of paper straw. For a sweet detail, yellow marshmallow Peeps are sitting on the eggs, waiting for them to hatch. The informal arrangement of mirrored eggs adds some sparkle to this sweet mantel.

Bold and Bright

Photo by Anita Woo

This mantel puts a modern twist on Easter. The prints are a beautiful combination of old world patterns and au courant, brilliant colours. Marrying bold, simple pieces with elegant apothecary jars and a vintage bunny creates a unique and unexpected look for Easter. The large turquoise eggs are actually paper lanterns. In keeping with the bright prints, brightly dyed eggs and mini bubble gum eggs fill the apothecary jars. With this much fantastic colour, you should keep it simple and clean. Only a few pieces are required to achieve this look.

Are you feeling the need for change – up to the challenge of mixing it up and rejuvenating your current mantel arrangement? Then I encourage you to take the challenge. To help you along on your styling adventure here are some rules to keep in mind.

The Basics:

  1. Display items by grouping them in collections with other items of similar colours or themes.
  2. Avoid combining too many collections, mediums, or using a large assortment of smaller ornaments as this will give the mantel a cluttered look.
  3. Style the mantel in a way suitable to its surroundings. For example, a formal or symmetrically styled mantel works best in a formal room setting; an asymmetrically styled mantel is relaxed and appropriate in a casual room.
  4. Arrange groupings of items in odd numbers rather than even – 3 candles instead of 2; 5 Easter eggs instead of 4 etc.
  5. Use items of varying heights. This creates visual interest and helps to carry the eye around the vignettes. Make sure you put the taller items in the back and arrange the remaining items tallest to shortest, moving forward on the mantel.
  6. Use items of similar colours, and place them in different positions on the mantel. This repetition of colour helps to unify the scheme.
  7. Do something unexpected. This creates interest and makes your style unique. An example would be to use candle stick holders, in varying heights or styles, as pedestals to display larger decorated eggs.

Photo by Anita Woo

Edit, style, and repeat – every season to keep things fresh. Changing the mantle arrangement to reflect each season can be an easy way to have fun with your style…but don’t forget to leave a plate of carrots out for Peter Cottontail. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it and you might even earn your self a few extra eggs.

For tips and instructions on creating your own fabulous Easter eggs to use in your décor  click here.

Styling by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Photos by Anita Woo

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4 Responses to Move Over Santa, Here Comes Peter Cottontail

  1. I LOVE the Bright Pops of Color at Easter time – just makes you happy and want to celebrate!!! Thanks for sharing and great photos!

  2. Tara Markus says:

    Refreshing ideas!
    Love the Happy, bright n sunny colours!
    Beautiful, natural and healthy ways to engage, exchange and experience Easter enjoyment.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely spirit and creativity.

    In Celebration,

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