GrlOnTheGo: Moving On to New Beginnings

I am always reflective at the beginning of a new year, after all the celebrating, and festivities of the holidays have come to an end.  This past year has been a wonderful chapter in my journey and, with an end of one chapter, comes the beginning of another.  This new beginning is just a reminder of how important it is to take time to pause and reflect, so I began this year taking measure of accomplishments during the last year as well as looking forward to where I’m heading in 2012.

Currently I’m in the process of preparing my condo to list to sell.  As I paint, scrape, scrub, and purge belongings that are circa 1999, I reflect on all of the good time and memories I’ve created with friends and family in my home.  It’s been a home filled with lots of love, laughter and plenty of cocktails.  My condo is the “Cheers” where my friends meet, and gather around my kitchen island – the perfect guinea pigs to try my latest culinary creation.  By the way, they are willing guinea pigs and, so far, there have been no complaints.  My living room is where I write most of my blogs with my Macbook on my lap and my faithful dog, Jasmine, curled up on the floor by my feet.  It’s with mixed emotions that I sit with my Macbook on my lap and write this last blog as one of Those3Chicks.  It has been a fantastic year of blogging about my passion for running, cooking, creating cocktails and all things peanut butter, but it’s time for me to “hang up my pen”, at least for the time being.

It’s time for me to move on the next chapter in my personal life.  I wish to share with you that my partner and I are both selling our condos and have started the process of house hunting to buy a home together.  Selling and buying real estate at the same time can be a stressful undertaking but I’m confident that our places will sell quickly and that when we find the right house it will speak to us.  I look forward to creating new, fun filled memories together in our new home.  I’m excited to cook in a new kitchen and even though a gas stove isn’t a must, it’s definitely on my wish list.  A backyard with a small vegetable garden is where I look forward to spending my summer weekends.   I’ll be calling on my fellow chick, Lyndsay, for decorating and paint ideas in exchange for a backyard barbecue supper.  No doubt, our friends and family will still congregate in our kitchen eagerly waiting to sample a new culinary creation along with a glass of my latest vintage discovery from the LCBO.  One of my favourite websites, Map My Run, is going to come in handy as I map out new running routes in and around my new neighbourhood.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with two amazing women, Lyndsay and Anita.  Writing isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally to me, so being a part of this team has pushed me to try something I never imaged I could do. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity.  Not only have I have learned so much about many topics from reading their blogs, but I’ve also come to understand a lot about the world of blogging.  This is invaluable information that I will take with me.  Thanks, Chicks, for bringing me into the twenty-first century!  Thanks, readers, for your interest and support.  You’ll probably see my pop in as a guest blogger for the Chicks whenever I have a new recipe, cocktail, or running story to share. This isn’t goodbye but merely so long for now.

My parting gift to you is the long-awaited answer to the question many of you have asked me, “What is the right wine to pair with peanut butter?”  The answer:  Reisling.



(Photos by Scott Gorman)


About Diana Harris

Runner, Chef, and Slave to all things peanut butter.
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One Response to GrlOnTheGo: Moving On to New Beginnings

  1. those3chicks says:

    Diana thank you so very much for being a part of our first year. We have learned a lot from your posts as well and wish you every happiness in for future. We will miss you but as you say it is not goodbye by rather so long for now.You are welcome back any time, chickie!

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