When in Rome…

Ciao from Rome!  I am enjoying day three of a fantastic trip to Rome, and in between shopping, eating pasta, pizza and gelato, the occasional cup of cappuccino and maybe even a glass of vino or two I have taken a few photos (lol!)  Enjoy!

Piazza Navona

Arco Di Constantino

Pantheon at sunset

Interior of the Pantheon

Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti - the Spanish steps

Piazza del Popolo

Colosseo - the Colosseum

Piazza Venezia - "the Wedding Cake"

Night view of the river from Ponte Fabricio


Photos by Anita Woo.


About anitawoo

A photographer & mom with a passion for capturing life's moments with my camera.
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11 Responses to When in Rome…

  1. Beautiful Photos of Rome!

  2. Rita says:

    Meraviglioso! Stop by Harry’s Bar, off of Corsa Italia, not far from Piazza Spagna (Spanish steps)!! Enjoy !! XXOO

    • anitawoo says:

      Oh bummer! Wish I’d seen this before we got home. Having said that, we didn’t have any meal that wasn’t outstanding! I had such a great time – love Rome!

  3. Cyndy says:

    Love, Anita. I have to ask, what lens did you use for the Interior of the Pantheon and Colosseo – the Colosseum? I love the wide angle and may have to invest in one. My widest is 35 and I know it’s not enough. Had the 14mm but returned it…thinking now that may have been a mistake. LOL

  4. Jim Kylis says:

    Hi 3 Chicks, I came across your site when trying to verify the “stop and smell the flowers” quote I just used on my own website (www.slowglobe.com) – Thanks for the info. Then I saw that I must have been in Rome the same time as Anita – great pics! If you are into food and travel, I was just in Rome and the Amalfi coast for 12 days on a “food-centric” trip. We have a great itinerary for like-minded travelers.

    • anitawoo says:

      Thanks for checking us out! Funny that we were in Rome at the same time – it was a fantastic trip. The Amalfi coast is on my list – love to travel as much as I can. Will check you out!

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