Auld Lang Syne

These are the last days of August and with them come thoughts of change in the weeks ahead. For many a new school year is awaiting us in one week. Even if we are not going
back to school ourselves or preparing our kids to head back, we all get a familiar feeling at this time of year. For some, it is sadness that the summer is coming to an end. For others the feeling is dread as if homework and presentations are approaching. Personally I love this time of year. I love “going back to school”, and everything the year could possibly offer. It is a fresh start and the opportunity to try new things, meet new people and challenge myself to do better than the previous year. It is really a time of renewal and new beginnings…hmm this sounds familiar… like New Year’s, right?

September is a perfect month – a bit cool in the morning but always the chance of a hot
sunny day by afternoon. It is even better if you’re lucky enough to have an Indian
Summer. We are getting back into our routines and preparing for the autumn, and
while some may think of this as getting back into a rut, I prefer to think of
it as a groove, or rather getting my groove back. Don’t misunderstand me. I am
not one of those Moms who prays for fall and the return of the children to
school. I genuinely miss my daughter when she goes back to school, but it is
not long before I am enjoying myself and the opportunity to work in daylight hours
as opposed to after “night-night”.

As a child I could not wait for school to start again. I’m not sure how much this had to
do with the fact that we lived in the country and had little opportunity to see
friends over the summer or with the fact the back to school meant new clothes.
Pleated, plaid skirts and penny loafers aside, I loved school – still do and
often find myself thumbing through the local college catalogue at this time of
year in search of a new opportunity to learn and of course the trip to the
stationary store for school supplies would just be the icing on the cake!

New Years Supplies by Lyndsay Jenkinson

My mother often proclaimed that September should be when New Year’s was celebrated and she was not alone in her thinking. In Judaism, the New Year is always
celebrated in the autumn and this September 29th is Rosh Hashanah. I
think Jewish people are onto something. I mean why celebrate New Year’s in
winter after a week of binging on Christmas goodies … oh wait this does make
sense as we all probably allow ourselves to indulge knowing that in a week we
will make resolutions to do better and lose weight. In any case, isn’t it better
to celebrate New Year’s when you are at a time of new beginnings in your year
rather than looking for something to do or something huge to evolve on a cold
night in December…and when the fireworks weren’t what you expected you are
faced with at least 3 more months of winter – not too inspiring is it?!

So here it is – my proposal. Let’s celebrate the New Year in September! I like the idea
and am going to have a small celebration on the eve of Labour Day to
acknowledge the passing of time and days gone by. The easing from lazy summer days
into the freshness and routine of fall. To celebrate new beginnings and new
chances… so as I do my ritual preparations for my New Year, buying school
supplies and new clothes for my daughter, I will savour the last few days of
summer with my family and reflect upon the past year. I will make a resolution
or two while setting a few goals for myself….and if this New Year’s falls short
and my new beginnings do not live up to my expectations I can always reinvent
myself on Halloween.

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2 Responses to Auld Lang Syne

  1. Your article today was exceptional. At this time of the year I think everyone can relate to the thoughts and feelings highlighted. The picture blending a list of excellent New Year’s resolutions with the back to school theme of crayons, markers and backpacks was exceptionally creative. Well done.

    • Thanks Ron. While the resolutions are mine (let’s hope there are no kids who are resolving to “drink less” in the New Year), the rest of the props were graciously on loan from my 8 yr. old daughter 😉

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