Nesting Tips From A Bad Egg

Today, I’m going a bit foodie on y’all. Yes, although design is my passion, I’m an amateur foodie as well. At least that’s what I keep telling myself – please no comments from the peanut gallery. Both my fabulous blog partners, Diana and Anita, will always be here to give you sensible, healthy advice on how to make tasty food. I, on the other hand, am the bad chick. I am here to stir up trouble. Did I mention that the initials LSD, for Little Sh*t Disturber, are next to my name in my high school year book? Some things never change… I will give you advice on how to make great things which taste fantastic and are really bad for you. Yes, Carrie Burrows, personal trainer extraordinaire, I can hear you telling me to cease and desist, but I am willing to risk your wrath today because the treats I have in store for you are too good to resist.

So what’s on the menu today? Chocolate Nests.

These treats are simple to make, look great, and add a touch of style (’cause you know I’m All4Style) to any Easter table. Let’s get started.

Ingredients – The Basics

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fried chow mein noodles
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Potato sticks (plain not hickory)
  • Dark chocolate wafers
  • Small bowls
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wax paper (for Method #2)
  • Easter candy


Method # 1

Start by melting the chocolate. Melt a little at a time in the microwave to avoid burning or use that double bowl method – one bowl with hot water with another bowl on top containing chocolate. Now that the chocolate is melted, mix it with your dry ingredient of choice (noodles, pretzels, or potato sticks). Line the bowls with plastic wrap and place the chocolate covered “twigs” inside the bowl to form a nest. Put the bowls in the fridge to chill. Once set, lift the nests out of the bowl by pulling on the plastic wrap. Gently pull off the wrap and le voilà – a beautiful nest just waiting for eggs. You can use any egg-like candy you wish to fill the nests.



Nests suitable for any chick… or at least a few Cadbury Mini Eggs.


Method # 2

An alternate way to create a chocolate nest is to use the chocolate on its own. First, you must take your bowls, turn them upside down, cover them with wax paper and then cover again with plastic wrap. Let me say this again: COVER THEM WITH WAX PAPER AND THEN COVER AGAIN WITH PLASTIC WRAP. Trust me, you’ll want to get this right. If your cover the bowls with just plastic wrap, the wrap will stick to the bowl and you will never get these nests off the bowls without breaking them.

Next, assemble an icing bag with a coupler and a #233 Wilton icing tip and fill it with the melted chocolate. Holding the bag as you would to ice a cake, move your hand and wrist in a circular motion, drizzling the chocolate over the bowls. In a short time, you will have built up enough chocolate strands to create a nice nest. Place the bowls in the fridge to chill. When set, be extra careful removing the nest from the bowls, and the plastic wrap from the nests. These little beauties are far more fragile than the other nests and require a gentle touch.

Next, turn the nests upright. At this point, I like to drizzle a bit more chocolate in the nests to cover any markings from the plastic wrap with the lovely nest texture. Place back in fridge again to chill the inside of the nests. If you are attempting a larger nest you could use an icing tip with a bigger whole, but it will take longer to build up the texture.

Nest Method # 2 – pure chocolate

Any of these cute nests would add some delightful décor to place settings at an Easter table, while also doubling as dessert. I’m not going to tell you how to make these healthier or not to eat them, but rather I give you my blessing. So go forth, create, get messy and have some fun with chocolate… well, not too much fun – that’s a whole other kind of blog post.  😉

Clockwise from Top left: chow mein noodles; potato sticks; pretzels; pure chocolate nest


Dear Carrie Burrows,

Please note that NO chocolate was consumed by yours truly while preparing this post as I am allergic.

Photos by Lyndsay Jenkinson

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4 Responses to Nesting Tips From A Bad Egg

  1. jj says:

    Those nests are nothing short of awesome. I can’t wait to try making them. It might be yummy to make with strands of dried/candied fruit (orange, lemon, or ginger).
    Thank you!

  2. Amy says:

    Allergic to chocolate?! I could use that afliction to avoid Carrie’s wrath!! 😛

    Way to go – stepping outside your design comfort zone!! Perdy nests. 🙂

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