Pepto Abysmal

December 9th, 2010…Sipping my coffee, I sat surfing the net, calm and open to the new ideas the World Wide Web had to offer today. I read a few blogs, perused the usual sites when I first saw it… I couldn’t believe my eyes… Could this be true? My head started to spin, my pulse quickened as I read on. What on God’s green earth were they thinking?

I had to stop reading – the shock too much for me. I went upstairs to take an Advil and lie down; I could feel a major headache coming on. After some time the tension eased and I decided to return to my computer reasoning that while it may be true, surely others would have had the same visceral reaction to the news as I had.

To my dismay, I did not find what I was looking for. Everyone seemed to be on board with this idea: PINK is the hot colour for 2011, more specifically Honeysuckle 18-2120 as declared by Pantone in their press release on December 9th, 2010.

Pepto Bismol

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate pink. I have been known to wear pink on occasion especially in support of breast cancer awareness. There was even a time when pink was my favourite colour – WHEN I WAS SEVEN – but while everyone seems to think that everything is coming up roses with regards to this announcement, I , on the other hand, am having thoughts of Pepto Bismol. 

 Now of course I’m feeling like the Anti-Designer, not embracing this idea, but I realize that many people will want to follow this trend. So I’m going to try to suppress my gag reflex and give you some advice on how to incorporate pink into your décor.

For many of us when we think about pink with regard to interiors we have visions of the dusty rose which saturated décor in the 80’s, but these medium, chalky pinks are not part of the current colour forecast. A fairer cousin of the colour red, pink can be a powerful colour and this year’s hot colour is not shy.

Courtesy of Pantone

 Honeysuckle is a strong colour. While it has been touted as the “it” colour, don’t feel that in order to embrace this trend you have to paint your room or even one wall this colour. Let’s face it, that much pink could be overwhelming and don’t forget that painting over it will be a chore. Pink and red paints tend to bleed and are not easy to cover, so in a couple of years (when you change your mind or grow tired of it, which you will) you’ll need several coats of primer to rid yourself of the stomach ache this much sweetness is likely to induce. Opt instead to use it in small doses in accessories to compliment and punch up another colour scheme. It would pop in a green colour palette, adding a splash of fun. To keep it modern, use a citrusy or fresh green; avoid the mint greens of the 80’s and the sage greens of the 90’s. Paired with white or cream, pink has a fresh look. It would be ideal paired with purple used in teen’s room. In the right application, pink can add a lot of energy when interspersed with red or orange. It also could be successfully used as an accent with a chocolate brown colour.

Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

Alternate Pinks from Sherwin Williams

 If you feel that the Honeysuckle is not for you, but would still like to try a little pink in your décor, try another shade of pink. Perhaps something paler; something more coral based; or dare I say it, something more dramatic. Be aware that pink will appear much stronger and intense on the wall than it does on the paint chip, particularly in a room with a southern exposure.  

Pink can work when it is done right; the right shade of pink paired with the right colours in proper proportions can create a pretty and sometimes dramatic room. Therefore, should you succumb to this trend, choose carefully and do it in a modern way. Don’t repeat what was done in the 80’s because as is the case with the clothing of that era, some things should not be repeated.


Photo by Lyndsay Jenkinson

 P.S. My apologies to Molly Ringwald and all the “pink” lovers out there should you have found my opinions to be harsh – in particular to my 7 year old daughter who still dreams of living in a cotton candy coloured world.

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2 Responses to Pepto Abysmal

  1. Nat says:

    Great! Found it! Thanks! I’m not big on the pink either…unless it is in an old Florida home accented with white wicker and seashells. And even then…sparingly! Great articles!

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